Saturday, January 16, 2010

You have GOT to be kidding me.

Okay, I know that I am still very, VERY upset about this, but I want you all to consider how you would feel if this happened to the Pens, Sens, Hawks, or whoever else you may be cheering for.

The Red Wings/Stars game today went to a shootout. This in itself is frustrating because the game-tying goal was iffy at best, but whatever. The point is that we got to a shootout. The first eight thousand or so shooters for each team missed (it was actually five or six).

Steve Ott skated out to shoot for Dallas. His shot was smothered right around the goal line. The ref on the goal line was not behind the net, but rather off to the side, and skated in so close to see where the puck was that he almost bashed his head on the post. He called a save. The other ref, who was out at center ice, skated in and said it had to go to video review. Understandable, refs are fallible and from the benches it probably looked like it went in.

While we were waiting for Toronto to figure out what to do, FSN showed us a replay of the shot from several angles. Because of the way Jimmy Howard was positioned, you can't actually see the puck from most of the cameras. We thought that was why the call was taking so long. Incidentally, the best camera angle was from the penalty box side, very similar to the line of sight the ref had as he skated to the post.

After the review, the ref skated out to center ice and called the goal good.

None of us knew what was going on until Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond were notified during the postgame show that:

1) the ref at the net called no-goal
2) the film in Toronto was inconclusive
3) the other ref, who was at Center Ice, CALLED THE GOAL GOOD

The on-ice call was overturned, not by conclusive video evidence in Toronto (IE the way the rules say it should be overturned), but by the other ref who was half the rink away and could not have possibly seen where the puck was at the critical moment.

Ken Holland, I expect you to go cut a bitch.

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  1. Rage on... I totally have your back on this. That is utter, unbelievable, Stephane Auger-level idiocy.

    I second your motion Deets. Ken Holland, I want to see you cut a bitch. Photos. Please. Especially if it's the dumb-ass ref who called it good from centre ice.