Monday, January 18, 2010

Life is weird.

I should be writing my position paper, so of course I'm writing a blog post! Some thoughts:

-I'm still annoyed about the call in the shootout on Saturday. It's okay, Ken Holland is too. Apparently he reamed someone out during the first intermission of the game yesterday. Hopefully it was someone important and not the coffee peon or something.

-This weekend felt like the playoffs. I don't know if the wives are withholding sex or if the players finally figured out that they are OUT OF FUCKING PLAYOFF POSITION but they were actually trying. It was weird.

-The Red Wings suck at shootouts. Apparently Babcock is protesting their existence by not working on them in practice. I appreciate the sentiment, but holy hell we need work (Z, I'm looking at you here).

-Fortunately shootouts don't exist in the playoffs (which we are going to make goddammit). And even more fortunately, this weekend led me to believe that in a playoff situation, Detroit is still competitive with any team in the league. You can't win in the playoffs with a skills competition. You have to outskate and outshoot the other team- and the Red Wings did that in both overtime periods this weekend. They just ended before they could put the puck in.

-I think Osgood might actually start a game this week. It'll be the first time since before Christmas. The mommy in me wants to give Jimmy a break. Maybe Ozzie has stewed enough that he'll actually redeem himself!

-I saw a kid wearing a Kopitar shersey today. I didn't realize there were Kings fans in Michigan. It made me think of Erika.

-Living in my house is hysterical. A couple of minutes ago, this happened:

Scene: I am in my room screwing around on the internet. Danielle is in her room across the hall. Action!

My phone: *ringringring*
Me: Hello?
Mom: Hi honey! How are you?
Danielle: ...hello?
Me: Eh, it's Monday.
Mom: I know that.
Danielle:'s Monday? What?
Me: *hysterical laughter*
Mom: What's so funny?
Me: I'm on the phone! *more hysterical laughter*
Mom: Never mind, I'll call you back.
Danielle: ...oh. *joins in the hysterical laughter*

We laughed for a good five minutes AND my mom just texted me instead of keeping me on the phone for half an hour. Win.

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