Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is this real life?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but...

Ken Holland, what the hell are you thinking?

We just signed Todd Bertuzzi to a one-year, $1.5 million contract.


I can see the upsides to this. He's a gritty forward that will probably be healthier than Holmstrom and company. It's only for one year, and with the amount of contracts we have ending next year we could replace Bert, Homer, and Maltby with Abdelkader and two big free agents (I'm assuming that Lidstrom will take a Stevie-esque contract that will drop his cap hit considerably). It creates a LOT of competition in training camp- we now have 14 NHL-ready forwards signed, even if it is a foregone conclusion that Abdelkader will be in GR this season.

But seriously... I didn't like him when he played for us before and I don't like it now. There are some players that I never want to see in the Winged Wheel and Bertuzzi is one of them.

I'm hoping the fact that he will have to compete for his roster spot every single night will keep his attitude and tendency to take bad penalties in check.

My latest take on the potential lines:


With Holmstrom on the top power play unit, and potentially Cleary on the second unit in Leino's place.

I was GOING to do a big post about Abdelkader today and how he is the personification of guys that I love having in Detroit, but now I'm just annoyed. I guess I'll do it tomorrow...

In other news, I was at a Beer League Playoff Game last night (serious business, guys!) which "my team" won 6-3 with my friend Kaleb scoring five goals (and having the first assist on the sixth goal). They were playing a total Goon Squad, and the Goons didn't disappoint- after the final goal there was an awesome cheap shot that led to a fight (with blood!) and THEN led to the cops being called!!! The next game is on Thursday so I'll try to get the scoop on what happened after we left.


  1. WOOOO!!!!

    sorry about Bertuzzi.
    But i wait in anticipation for Abdelkator's feature!

  2. Dear Red Wings,
    Have fun with Bert. On the upside, your team just gained about 50 points in throw-you-up-against-the-wall-factor... Personally, I'll still take Ericsson, on and off the ice. Or is the proper turn of phrase "let him take me" ?