Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Live Blog: Game 3 of Detroit vs. Anaheim

10:38- So, since I had so much fun live-blogging the other game, I'm going to do it again! Starting line-up for Detroit is Holmstrom-Datsyuk-Hossa with Lidstrom and Kronwall. Interesting defensive pairing. Rafalski is stil out with his mysterious day-to-day injury.

10:41- So Hossa is on the left, Holmstrom on the right, and Lidstrom immediately left the ice for Stuart. We're less than a minute into the game and I have no idea what's going on.

Oooh, nice hit by Datsyuk!

10:42- And Detroit is going on the power play. Don't mess with Zetterberg.

10:45- What in the hell happened to our powerplay? Good lord.

10:46- I love Mickey Redmond, and his commentary on the fairly BS penalty just called on Lidstrom.

10:51- How does Pronger have no penalties so far in this series? Awesome PK by Osgood and Stuart, not so much by anyone else.

10:55- The fourth line looks good, at least. I'm going to be very annoyed if Helm is not playing in Detroit full-time next year.

10:57- Samuelsson just missed on the best Detroit chance of the game so far. He tends to be very streaky with scoring... must still be on a bad streak.

10:58- And Anaheim is going on the powerplay AGAIN.

11:05- After lots of back and forth, we are still tied at 0. The Datsyuk line has been basically nonexistent.

11:06- And on a terrible turnover by Detroit leading to a breakaway on Osgood, Anaheim goes up 1-0. However, in the first two games the first team to score lost the game, so it might not be the end of the world.

11:14- Some beautiful stops by Osgood- I'm glad to see he's not rattled. Ozzie and Pronger joke around after Lebda and Brown mix it up. My team is ridiculous.

11:16- Four on four, as Lebda and Brown head to the sin bin.

11:18- And Pronger finally heads to the box after trying to destroy Filppula. Seriously, screw you. (Flip is my favorite active Red Wing, for those who forgot.)

11:20- And Detroit almost gives up a short-handed goal at the end of the first. Why does our passing suck tonight?

11:39- Start of the second, and the end of a scoreless PP for Detroit.

11:53- More back and forth, and now Stuart is in the box on a nonexistent interference call. The refs are driving me nuts.

11:55- And after some missed goaltender interference, Anaheim scores on the powerplay to go up 2-0.

12:04- Detroit is going on the powerplay, finally. Wisniewski is hurt, but not unconscious- looks like he maybe took Holmstrom's elbow to the face.

12:08- Apparently Wisniewski is NOT okay- he just went off the ice on a stretcher. As much as I hope it's nothing serious, that's a huge loss for Anaheim.

12:10- SCORE! 2-1 Anaheim! Looks like it was Zetterberg that tapped it in after a shot by Samuelsson from the point.

12:15- Kronwall going to the box. At least that's kind of an okay call... kind of.

12:18- The most exciting part of that powerplay was Hossa nearly getting a short-handed goal. Apparently they're analyzing playoff beards during the intermission. Ken Daniels is growing one!

So, I'm giving up on the live-blog for tonight. This game is too intense and I'm too tired to do it. Maybe when the games are back in the EST.

Late edit: That call was complete and utter bullshit. I can handle losing to the Ducks, but I can't handle losing to the refs. That game should have been tied up.

This game was a series shifter, and there is a very real chance that Detroit will not be able to bounce back from this. Detroit's season might end because of incompetence from a referee.

I don't believe in the anti-Detroit conspiracy theories, but you can bet that they'll gain some followers after tonight.

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