Friday, May 15, 2009

JStaal: Promoting our Alcoholism

A Pens fan that is a regular poster on the forums shared this story with us. I thought you girls might enjoy it. :)

Funny story...

My buddy got tickets to the Pirates game tonight - good seats and free, so I figure why not... the team sucks, but it was a nice night out, and PNC park really is amazing - so I head over after work. We hit the bar beforehand, so didn't get into the game until the 3rd inning... Somewhere around the 4th inning, the people with long beards 5 rows in front of us start looking really familiar, not sure why, we're kind of drunk. 5th inning, HOLY ****!!! Malkin, Staal, Scuds, and Orpik were sitting 5 rows in front of us...

now I'm not the kind of person that just goes up to people and asks for an autograph or a pic or whatever - they're out having a good time and probably don't want to be bothered too much... but I just can't pass up the chance to meet them. So I just walk up, Staal is on the end, and I just say, hey, you know everybody's going to be playing the Staal brothers drinking game on Monday, do us all a favor and get in a fight with your brother, its worth 2 shots... he just laughs and says, yeah i know, I'll see what I can do...

told geno to keep kicking ***, got a fist bump...

all in all, **** good night considering I was at a pirates game... :D :D :D

Sounds like if JStaal has anything to do with it, we'll all have liver failure by the end of this series... =P


  1. this is the best thing I have ever heard!

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