Sunday, December 26, 2010

Behind the Scenes

So, I'm super bored in the Flint airport, and as it turns out the first 24/7 episode is up on YouTube. Here are some thoughts I had watching it:

-Generations of Pens fans? Really? I guarantee you most of them didn't know (or care) the team was there before the lockout. There's a reason Mario visited the Kansas City Arena.
-Boys... will definitely be boys... haha
-Boudreau is really fucking easy on the Caps. I guarantee if the Red Wings were on that much of a losing streak and the forwards were slacking on defense Babcock would YELL. And then bench them.
-I really don't think anyone short of Bowman could make Ovechkin defensibly responsible. Yeesh.
-I'd make fun of Ovechkin for the Gillette sponsorship but my baby goalie has a pretty ridiculous deodorant sponsorship currently, so...
-hahahaha there are little kids heckling Backstrom in the Mall. Epic.
-Max Talbot might be the most ridiculous person on the planet.
-"Don't ever go out with a hockey player? Are you listening to me?" That is seriously the 189,309 time I've heard that come out of a hockey boy's mouth.
-...YouTube fail. Note to self: stopped 24 minutes in. (JK, got it working again)
-Some of these kids are ADORABLE.
-Dear Brooks Laich, please sign with a team worthy of your work ethic. Thanks.
-Dupuis's son's Daddy shersey = ADORABLE.
-"We're going to find out who did it! And probably do nothing about it." Bahahaha hockey pranks = win.
-"Well, he probably has sensitive skin, no?"
-Props to Ovechkin for being willing to drop the gloves... but it takes more than that to be a Captain.
-I feel like the Caps got really distracted by the HBO cameras at times... which also makes me think that the Red Wings would never agree to do something with as much access as this.
-I know that Crosby and Ovechkin (et al) are the most visible players and the biggest money-makers for those franchises, but I'd have liked more focus on some of the other players. The third and fourth line guys usually have the best stories.

All in all, it's a really interesting look at hockey that makes the players seem normal. It's too bad that it's playing on HBO rather than a sports channel, but for now I guess the NHL has to take what it can get.

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