Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Hockey News makes me laugh somtimes

So, The Hockey News just picked Chicago to win the Central Division this year.

Fun fact: Chicago has NEVER won the Central. The last time they won a division title it was still the Norris.

They also picked Chicago to come in second in the Conference... behind San Jose.

Teams that I am picking to finish ahead of Chicago this year (out of the West): Detroit, St. Louis, San Jose, Anaheim (although it kind of kills me to admit that), Calgary and possibly Vancouver.

Don't get me wrong, Chicago is an up-and-coming powerhouse... emphasis on up-and-coming. Apparently THN has already forgotten how the 2009 Western Conference Finals ended. If Chicago has any advantage over Detroit going into this year, it's that most of their team gets the Olympic break off while half of the Red Wings will be representing their countries in Vancouver. And I think that if any team manages to knock Detroit out of the top spot in the Central, it will be St. Louis, not Chicago.

In other news... college football soon! Whoo!


  1. Kylie: "Deets, the Wings are a year older, which means they're a year closer to being dead."

    Also, the Hawks have a bigger portion of BAMF....bc, ya know, idk if you heard....Patrick Kane was many Wings have been arrested...?

    tho, Lidstrom does have an infinate supply of BAMF....

  2. But we didn't re-sign Chelios, and that has to lower our average age by like, ten years. And we have a potential Calder nominee on the team this year! (Although he is 26)

    And I'm pretty sure that Kaner's BAMF is negated by Hossa's FML status... =P